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A regular physical examination is essential to ensure a lifetime of health and wellness. Hassan Saradih, MD, of Internal & Bariatric Medicine located in Lenxa, Kansas, offers expert physical exams for men, women, and children from 15 years old and up. Whether you need a physical for work or just as a part of your wellness plan, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Why should I get regular physicals?

A regular physical examination is essential to ensure a lifetime of health and wellness.

What is a physical?

A physical examination is an assessment performed by your primary care provider. During this visit, Dr. Saradih establishes a clear picture of your health and makes any changes to your long-term plan for your best health.

Other purposes of regular physicals include:

  1. Updating your health record
  2. Monitoring your chronic health problems
  3. Identifying your increased health risks
  4. Assessing you for any signs of acute illness
  5. Updating immunizations
  6. Evaluating your current medication list
  7. Assessing the effectiveness of your current treatment plan
  8. Building trust with your provider

If your employer, school, or insurance company requires an annual physical, Dr. Saradih adjusts your assessment as needed and completes any paperwork they require.

What happens during a physical?

When you come in for your physical, Dr. Saradih and his team collect valuable information about your health by:

Depending on your health risks, symptoms, or chronic health conditions, Dr. Saradih may order follow-up testing, such as specialized bloodwork, cancer screenings, or an EKG.

How does my provider assess each body system?

During a physical exam, Dr. Saradih gets a complete picture of your physical health by carefully assessing each body system.

Your physical assessment involves:

Dr. Saradih also evaluates your mental health and answers any health questions you may have.

Annual physicals are tailored for your age, gender, and health history. In addition to a regular assessment, men may also receive a prostate check and prostate-related blood work.

After your annual physical, Dr. Saradih shares any concerns, make changes to your plan of care, or makes health recommendations.

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